Valencia trip(4)

DSC_0678(1)20190813_215537On the fourth day we visited City centre. Went for a lunch meal, looked at historick building’s. Realy nice and relaxed atmosphere.  Beutifull fountain. The day spend realy well.




Valencia trip(2)

After nice evening walk , asleep well. Decision made in advance  today trip to the beatch. We took metro and tram and El Cabanyal beach just 5 min away. In a local shop we bought ball and crips and went to the beach.  Stunning weus open sand and sea. Weather was +41 C, so when my feet touched sand was just burning feeling. Sea water super warm and salty. Always better to shower in the beatch showers, before going home.

We stay 3 hours, people was next to eatch other, so close. Some coming, some leaving.IMG_20190817_232455_973 All seen. Will be back as soon as possible.

Valencia trip (1)

So  Valencia city in Spayn lovely more than 800000 population city. First of all was my mistake choose Castellone Aeroport. When we landed there, was chock  hot and humid air of +34 C. Another chock was that there is no trayn service to Valencia. Aeroport transfer coutch cost €20 per person to get to Valencia. And stop near Music Palace only.

It was sutch a pleasure to look raund to the Spanish hils, roads, vilas and nature thrue the coutch windows. I realy sucked and remembered all wieu,  it is around 100 kilometres trip to Valencia, so had plesure.

Thanks to the Google Maps and my son Don , we find a way to the flat we rented. Was relief to go inside an 3 bedroomed apartment and get cool air, you understood airconditioning system did all work.

After a bit of unpacking,  went to the Mercado20190815_155426 to buy some food. Again hot air flout went in to my face.  At Mercado we got all we needed. It was around 6 min away from apartment we lived.


So it is not long left till 29 March, when Brexit would happen deal or no deal.

I am sad that United Kingdom decided to leave EU.

I found my life here and just never imagined that this could happen.

And still hope, that not. But what ever is a British people decission and I respect it.


IMG_20180920_215552_806Kol lankiau vidurinę mokyklą viskas buvo gerai. Bet ta Sovietų Sąjungos griūtis gana pakeitė mano gyvenimo kryptis. Aš norėjau studijuoti Rusų kalbą, deja tapo nebepopuliari, net nemažai mokytojų persikvalifikavo į kitų užsienio kalbų mokytojus. Ir nebebuvo aišku, ką toliau daryti. Po kažkiek metų baigiau Maisto technologijos studijas neakivaizdiniu būdu. Nes reikėjo dirbti ir mokytis. Na bet aš nepasirinkau to kas man patiko, tik maniau, kad tai praktiška specialybė ir maniau , kad dėstysiu kokioj profesinėje mokykloje jaunimui Maisto studijas.